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This is a list of books used to help make this site.

If you want to buy any of the books listed, simply click on the book title and you can buy it on line and save money on each title. You will see that each book has been reviewed to help you make a selection.

Buying books or videos about the Titanic has never been easier.

1. A Night to Remember

Walter Lord, Janold & Sons Ltd. Norwich

2. The Night Lives On

Walter Lord, Ulvercroft Large Print Books, 1999

3. Titanic

Geoff Tibballs, Carlton, 1997

4. Discovery of the Titanic

Robert Ballard 1987, Hodder & Stoughton/Maddison Press

5. Exploring the Titanic

Robert Ballard, Scolastic Inc. 1988

6. Father Browne's "Titanic" Album

E.E. O'Donnell & Robert Ballard, Wolfhound Press Ltd, 1997

7. Lost Liners

Robert Ballard, Hodder & Stoughton General, 1997

8. Titanic Voices Special Edition

D. Hyslop, St. Martins Press, New York

9. Last Dinner on the Titanic

R. Archbold & D McCantly, Maddison Press Books, 1997

10. Titanic

Leo Marriott, PRC Publishing, London 1997

11. Titanic and her sisters Olympic and Britannic

Thunder Bay Pr, 1999

12. Story of the wreck of the Titanic

Marshall Everett 1912 Conway Maritime Press

13. HMHS Britannic "The Lost Titan"

Simon Mills, Waterfront Publications 1995/TD

14. RMS Olympic "The Old Reliable"

Simon Mills, Waterfront Publications 1995

15. Titanic in pictures

Simon Mills, Wordsworth Editions Ltd, 1995

16. Back to the Titanic

From the James Cameron Film

17. Thriumph and Tragedy

J. Eaton, C. Haas & J. Maxtone-Graham, P. Stephens Ltd, 1994

18. Titanic Survivor

V. Jessop & Maxtone-Graham, Sutton Publishing 1998

19. Titanic: A journey through time

J. Eaton & C. Haas, P. Stephens Ltd, 1999

20. Titanic

J. Eaton & C. Haas, P. Stephens Ltd, 1996

21. Titanic: Women and children first

J. Geller & J. Eaton, P. Stephens Ltd, 1998

22. Draw the Titanic

A. Staiano & J. Pederson, Scholastic Inc, 1999


1. James Cameron's Titanic

2. National Geographic: Secrets of the Titanic

3. Titanic - The legend lives on

Part One Part Two

4. Death of a dream

Part One Part Two


1. Titanic: "Adventure out of time"

2. Titanic "Interactive Journey"

3. Titanic "Challenge of discovery"


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